Styrian Products

Styrian Products, a program by Creative Industries Styria, raises awareness for good design along with the economical added value. The selected examples are great concepts, resulting from smart strategies and clever solutions from a design perspective. Behind each product lies a success story that reflects the potential of an entire region – Styria. The Items were chosen according to three main principles: “created in Styria – produced in Styria – sold worldwide”.

Successful products have a strong identity, i.e. they are meaningful and they have a story to tell. Styrian Products program makes the design process, from the initial idea to the finished product, visible; demonstrating how design can increase the added value of the business. Each product is developed and manufactured in Styria and sold worldwide, and in doing so, making the styrian region internationally noticeable. These goods stand for quality, innovation creativity and good design in all regional, national and international level.

Design makes the difference

Styrian Products puts together locally-made, high-quality design products in a unique interdisciplinary collection, with the purpose of showing what design can do and why it makes a difference. Furniture and fashion, accessories and tableware, Industrial machinery and prefabricated houses made of solid wood, consumer goods and capital goods, small series and mass-produced – the variety of the products is extensive. It is the wide range of finished products that give Styrian Products the potential to inspire, increase awareness, incite and inform. The items are not only promoted online and through different digital channels, but they are also physically displayed at the annual exhibition. This event takes place in dedicated and innovative companies in the region.

Should your product be part of this program?
The collection of Styrian Products is meant to have a constant growth and should represent exceptional design objects characterized by their strong innovative and functional features in addition to a high brand recognition. They must be authentic examples of design originated in Styria, following the principles: “created in styria – produced in styria – sold worldwide”

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The Collection

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