Styrian Products

The meta brand Styrian Products awards products of all design fields from Styria, Austria. Each product tells a success story of the creative industry, and reflects with this the international potential of a whole region – Styria. Established to showcase the economic importance of design, each product is handpicked according the slogan "created in Styria - produced in Styria - sold worldwide".

The measure of things is the market of many things. How can a product be successful? How important is design? How can craft and technology be combined with creativity? A sparkling surface or added gadgets are no longer enough to make a product an economic success. Only the combination of form and function, quality and originality, innovation and sustainability result in a distinctive product. Successful products have a strong identity – and tell very unique stories.

Styrian Products tell such stories. Through them they visualize the design process – from the very first idea to the finished product. This demonstrates strikingly the value design can bring into economy. Every Styrian product is created in Styria, produced in Styria and sells worldwide. Through this, Styrian Products put the small region Styria into an international context.

Styrian Products collects local products of all design fields into a unique collection. Furniture and fashion, accessories and tableware, industrial machinery and prefabricated houses from solid wood, consumer goods and high-volume goods, small and large series – the variety of Styrian products is great. From this diversity Styrian Products pulls the potential to inspire, sensitize and motivate. The products are presented and promoted online. They can also be experienced at the annual exhibition, which takes place in cooperation with changing, committed and innovative producers of the region.

Do you have a Styrian Product?
The collection Styrian Products is designed to grow steadily. It is intended to represent unique design objects that are characters – with strong individual, innovative or functional features, with high recognition value and which have a regional origin. Design attitude is as much a must-have as the performance of the slogan “created in Styria – produced in Styria – sold worldwide”.

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The Collection

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