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Barbecue grill set II
© Philip Macher

MICARO is a barbecue grill that offers more than conventional grills. It is a multipart set with a complete fireplace boasting a cone-shaped brazier as centrepiece, which you can either place on the ground or mount on a pedestal to provide the ultimate ergonomic cooking experience. MICARO’s component parts are cut from high-quality steel sheets using computerised laser technology and then machined into the desired shape. All of MICARO’s outdoor products are manufactured entirely in Austria. The pedestal and grate together make up a complete outdoor kitchen: ergonomically positioned, the MICARO barbecue grill set is ideal for grilling corncobs, bread on a stick or steaks. An additional storage space for accessories and logs rounds off the design perfectly.

Product: Barbecue grill set II
Material: Sheet steel
Measurements: 74 x 74 x 95 cm
Weight: 64,8 kg
Category: Exterior
Design: MICARO, Leibnitz
Production: Posch, Leibnitz
Member of Creative Industries Styria: MICARO