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A Bunch of Holes
© BN Lichtbilder

A Bunch of Holes is an outdoor furniture ensemble consisting of a table with three stools. A simple solution for outdoor furniture. Thanks to the perforated structure, the furniture dries quickly after it rains, making them usable almost immediately. Stackability is a central design element of the three stools and a table.

The architect and designer Martin Mostböck was responsible for the design of this innovative outdoor furniture ensemble. The name says it all. Due to the ingenious arrangement of a bunch of holes, the furniture pieces are both lightweight and stylish: three feet are created in the hole pattern at the edges, the inside diameter of which corresponds to the hole cross-section. This creates a kind of black hole …

… all in all – a bunch of holes …

Product: A Bunch of Holes
Product line: Outdoor furniture
Material: Powder-coated aluminum
Measurements table: approx. 75 x 75 x 75
Meaurements stool: approx. 40 x 40 x 43
Designer: Martin Mostböck
Production: H+S Zauntechnik GmbH