designforum Steiermark

The designforum Styria is a presentation platform for design that connects design services throughout Austria and internationally.

There is room for design

The designforum Steiermark conveys the local potential and the importance of design as a creative process to a broad public by design presentations of high quality. Referring to Graz as a UNESCO City of Design, the designforum Steiermark as a location provides a platform for exhibitions of regional and international designers and design institutions. It is intended to be an urban centre of dialogue, competence and dissemination, communicating all facets of design in its various forms.

The designforum Steiermark is operated by the Creative Industries Styria. It is a presentation platform for designers networking services throughout Austria and worldwide in close cooperation with the designforum Wien and the designforum Vorarlberg.

One central task of the designforum Steiermark is to sensitise the public to the value of design and to create awareness for it. The aesthetical aspect does not therefore play a key role, it is instead the economical and social relevance of design that matters. This comprehensive dimension of design is being processed and presented in an easy accessible way. The programme of the designforum Steiermark features exhibitions, panel discussions, symposia and lectures as well as events and publications.

Marianne Haditsch
Creative Industries Styria
+43 316 890 598 14