Design Transfer

With the Design Transfer programme, Creative Industries Styria sets new impulses for the Styrian (creative) economy: building bridges between companies and creative professionals.

The lead project ‘Design Transfer’ of Creative Industries Styria links design and enterprises, creates new synergies and helps seize the full potential of previously undetected sources. In cooperation with the companies, Creative Industries Styria developed a ‘Design Transfer’ plan and derive the needed services.

If an innovation-orientated company wishes to think ahead the original mission of form and function, design opens the door towards new products, new markets and costumers. This way, design turns into a prime tool of modern corporate management. It creates not only overarching perspectives of classical design processes, but also of strategic decision making to ensure long-term business success. Design Transfer follows a three-step consulting model, in which the single stages merge easily.

‘CIS Design Support’ represents the initial consultation in the company. ‘Design Check’ analyzes the current state through design and strategic workshops using methods such as ‘Design Thinking’ to evaluate creative potential. With ‘CIS Design Connect’ the company together with Creative Industries Styria look for appropriate partners, send out calls and organize competitions. In short: the network of Creative Industries Styria gets activated. ‘CIS Design Display’ presents the results: through exhibitions, publications and press material, projects displaying also as part of Design Month Graz or events staged by CIS. In order to make this all happen, the creative community experts are busy bringing in their knowledge to reach the goals that were agreed on.