Design Month Graz
That was the Design Battle 2023
Experience design up close, actively create and evaluate it – that's the CIS Design Battle.

On May 25, 2023, four teams of designers and experts from other fields gathered at the Prödl joinery to win this year’s Design Battle. Only 24 hours before, the participants from the Creative Industries Styria network found out who they would be working with in the team. From this point on – as is usual for the Design Battle – the countdown started. Each team had the same framework conditions: two experts from Tischlerei Prödl with their technical know-how and the material wood.

In the end, products were created that not only had high design quality, but were also producible. The task 2023: A pendant lamp.

The teams of the Design Battle 2023

Team 1: Stefanie Schöffmann (look! design) and Michael Petar (FIPE architects) with the carpenters Thomas und Dominik

Team 2: Iryna Gasyanets (BRAMBERGER architects) and Tomislav Bobinec (i say no to cheap design) with the carpenters Marcel und Johannes

Team 3: Susanna Ahvonen (Apres*Nord) and Geo Reschen (NOSUN shaping brands) with the carpenters Elias und Josef

Team 4: Angelika Pretterhofer (Waldpark Hochreiter) and Karlheinz Boiger (HOHENSINN Architektur) with the carpenters Martin und Friedrich

The jury of the Design Battle 2023


Products with high design quality were created, which are also producible. At the end of the evening, the team of Susanna Ahvonen, Geo Reschen with the carpenters Elias and Josef were chosen as the winners.