Designmonat Graz

Designmonat Graz gives insights into various creative disciplines and points of contact to the most diverse designers. Events such as exhibitions, workshops or lectures invite you to network in the UNESCO City of Design Graz.

Designmonat Graz (One Month of Design) bundles and condenses the energy of the local creative industries within one month, makes it visible to the outside world and thus makes a central contribution to anchoring the creative industries in people’s consciousness. It provides a space for innovative projects – be it experimental or commercial – and thus heightens the perception of the meaning of design: it is not about purely decorative behaviors (design as styling), but about the economic relevance (design as development and value added process) as well as the transformational power of design in economy and society.

Numerous local partners are also involved in Designmonat Graz. The term “design month” acts as an umbrella brand and assembles the individual activities under one uniform appearance, without jeopardizing their independence. The Creative Industries Styria coordinates and organises the Designmonat Graz and spans a substantive and programmatic range from a variety of individual initiatives from designers to the large local design training institutions, thereby enabling synergies and cooperation between the creative industries and “classic” companies.


Review Designmonat Graz 2018

On June 3, Designmonat Graz 2018 came to an end. Creative Industries Styria and all in- volved project partners are pleased about the successful 10th edition of the event. In the course of the festival 358 companies and design labels were able to show their products and projects in all their facets. Within a period of 30 days, a total of 100,000 visitors were counted at 121 events, presentations, lectures, workshops, exhibitions and guided tours, most of which took place in Graz but also outside of the city.

Due to a more international orientation and a stronger presence in public space, Designmonat Graz 2018 guaranteed a noted performance beyond the borders of the UNESCO City of Design Graz which once more became the “melting pot” of the creative industries. The festival reflected the ex- cellent networking of the city with all parts of the world and the exchange within the creative com- munity, which was manifested through design contributions from the Chinese 10-million-inhabitant metropolis Wuhan as well as from the Netherlands, Montreal and Mexico in manifold showcases and exhibitions at Joanneumsviertel and designforum Steiermark.

Sustainable success
Organizer Eberhard Schrempf, Managing Director of Creative Industries Styria, positively takes stock: “After 10 years, Designmonat has finally been appreciated. With the participation of 358 com- panies and design labels from more than 30 nations with a total of 100,000 visitors, we are more than happy. Designmonat Graz 2018 aroused great interest, touched a wide audience and empha- sized the diversity of conveying design aspects.”

Save the Date:
Designmonat Graz 2019 will take place from Mai 10 to June 9, 2019.