Design Month Graz 2022
Immerse yourself in the analogue world of design. The hat manufactory Kepka invites you: Fascinating workshops, inspiring materials and a dose of creativity characterize this place of analogue craftsmanship & design.
┬ę Lupi Spuma

All Kepka hats are handmade with the greatest care – whether traditional costume hats, headgear for clubs, leisure hats made of straw, extravagant fashionable ladies’ hats, custom made or plug-in hats.

Karin Krahl-Wichmann’s father lacked a successor for the millinery business. So she quit her job with a tax consultant and became an apprentice. In the meantime, the Graz native has thoroughly dusted off the aging craft and polished it up with new ideas. In addition to the production, creation and restoration of individual masterpieces for music and costume clubs or the Spanish Riding School, they also try to set new trends to appeal to young buyers.

Immerse yourself in the analog world of design – hat manufactory Kepka

Friday, June 10, from 16.00
Duration: about 3 hours

Participation free of charge
Limited number of participants (25 persons)
Registration at: