Experience Economy

It’s all about experience. Companies open their doors for a broad public, invite to guided tours and offer exciting looks behind the scenes of production. Experts of the network of Styrian creative industries design and produce the tours, while Creative Industries Styria operates the quality and project management. This creates a fourfold win-situation: for the companies, the interested public, the business location and the creative businesses within the network.

“Experience Economy“ makes the world of production visible and production processes are transparent. Every company offers professionally designed experience tours – realised by designers of the network of Creative Industries Styria. On the tours you can experience economy with all senses and interested people right there get to know how regional value creation works and which attractive jobs the respective business location offers. People from various age groups can see, how clean and safe production is, which resources are used and how much know-how can be found in innovative products. These “transparent” companies offer interesting information – for children, teenagers and future employees as well as for consumers, who are interested in sustainability or for those who are excited about responsible production in Styria.

The team of Creative Industries Styria not only operates the project management, but also functions as a bridge builder between the creative industries and economy, thus initiating sustainable cooperation. Its constantly growing network enables collaboration and synergies, which create an advantage for all parties involved. In addition, Creative Industries Styria supports the project process from the first expression of interest to the concept and creation and to a continuous quality assurance and promotion of the tours.

It is a special concern of Creative Industries Styria to guarantee the quality of those tours and to thus create added value, which is equally relevant to the creative industries, the companies, the broad public and Styria as a business location. Hence, more and more appreciation for local products and respect for employees in the companies is developing, but also a strong bond between the creative, the innovative and the traditional economy.

By now, there are 56 companies, which offer experience tours in all Styrian regions. Tours can be booked at www.erlebniswelt-wirtschaft.at.

How you can participate in the project:
– as a company from the creative industries
– as innovative, producing company located in Styria


The film studio Unter freiem Himmel from Graz visited a selection of experience tours and produced short films about what they saw.
More videos can be watched on www.youtube.com.