Experience Economy
10 Years of Experience Economy
The successful project Experience Economy celebrates a special anniversary: For ten years it has been possible for interested Styrians and visitors from everywhere to have a look behind the scenes of regional companies and thus gaining exciting impressions of successful industry players.
© Regine Schoettl

Until now, 3.1 million visitors have experienced a guided tour. Currently, 55 companies are part of the project Experience Economy but as of the beginning of October, the project is being further expanded.

“For ten years, the format Experience Economy provides a special insight into Styrian local businesses and thus has turned into a true success. Interested visitors can experience on site how local products are made and get to know the companies from a different perspective. This way we can familiarize people with the successful business location Styria and furthermore raise awareness of the local economy”, says Minister of Economy, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl.

Experience Economy is an extraordinary success story for Styria. Creative businesses and traditional companies work together on the guided tours, which means that they are not only tours through the premises but experiences that people can discover with all their senses. The résumé of the past ten years proves that we have launches a successful concept”, says managing director of Creative Industries Styria, Eberhard Schrempf.

About Experience Economy
“Currently, 55 Styrian businesses open their doors within the project Experience Economy and hence, provide insight behind the scenes for interested visitors. The range of participating companies extends from small and medium-sized firms to leading companies, amongst them many global market leaders. Accordingly, Experience Economy visualizes the diversity of Styrian economy. In the beginning of October, the project is being further expanded. The niceshops GmbH in Paldau, one of the biggest Austrian e-commerce companies, signed up as a new partner” says Minister of Economy, Barbara Eibinger-Miedl, who considers Experience Economy also as a tool of vocational education.