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Taste the Ortwein 2023
Visions of bright minds

The graduating classes from the Art & Design Department of the HTBLVA Graz-Ortweinschule present a selection of works and workpieces from the departments of Sculpture – Object Design – Restoration, Film and MultimediaArt, Photography and MultimediaArt, Graphic and Communication Design, Interior Design – Spatial and Object Design, Ceramics – Art – Craft, Product Design – Presentation, Jewelry Metal Design.

This broad range of design disciplines at one school is considered unique – even on an international level, one can hardly find comparable educational opportunities. In addition, the HTBLVA is a special place for free thinking and networking: young, creative people inspire each other and are in lively exchange with their teachers. All over the world, you can meet successful designers and artists whose careers began at the Ortweinschule in Graz.

Taste the Ortwein

June 2 – 24
Designforum Steiermark
Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17 | 8010 Graz