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Motif Fine Art Wine
MOTIF Wermut

The name Motif does not only refer to the name of the winery MUSTER in Gamlitz, but also to the wine label itself. Johannes FrĂŒhmann and Mario Rampitsch from En Garde have turned a pleasure regarding taste into a visual motif and embellished it with Austrian dialect expressions like ‘gschnigelt’ (southern Styrian for ‘brushed, clean, elegant’) and ‘bixgrod’ (southern Styrian for ‘straightforward, delicate, clear’).

The winery MUSTER is located in southern Styria, where the mild climate with Mediterranean hours of sunshine and abundant rain offers interesting conditions for excellent wines.

The teams of EN GARDE, founded in 2006, comprise interdisciplinary interlinked professionals, from user experience design, graphic design and social media to programming and content management.

Product: Motif Fine Art Wine
Year: 2014
Material: glas
Measurements: 750 ml
Design: EN GARDE Interdisciplinary GmbH, Graz
Production: Weingut MUSTER.gamlitz GmbH, Gamlitz

Member of Creative Industries Styria: En Garde