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Martin Auer
Das neue Design-Konzept umgesetzt © moodley brand

The bakery trade is traditionally charged with emotions. Due to the new branding, moodley brand identity completely repositioned the baking trade in Graz and expanded the positive image with a fresh, modern and extraordinary touch. The design was developed in cooperation with Grafisches Büro Wien.

Thanks to their innovative branding and the high quality provided, Martin Auer has become the benchmark of an industry that has proven itself in the midst of discount bakers and fresh food departments in supermarkets.

moodley is Austria’s largest multidisciplinary agency with offices in Graz, Vienna and Munich. In 3 highly specialized units – Brand Identity, Interactive and Industrial Design – over 100 skilled minds from 11 countries create the extraordinary.

Product: Martin Auer Product Branding
Year: 2015
Design: moodley design & strategy group, Graz
Production: Martin Auer, Graz

Members of Creative Industries Styria: Martin Auer, moodley strategy & design group