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Developed by Styrian scientists, “CALIPRI” Technology is a patented technology that provides measuring solutions for railway, steel and automotive industries. All measurements are performed on a non-contact basis, which means that ambient and user influences are ruled out completely. CALIPRI and OSIRIS optical systems inspect the profiles and surfaces of various component parts and workpieces, for example, to evaluate the gap widths of car bodies, measure the wear and tear of train wheel profiles, or analyse the glowing hot surfaces of steel girders. The sensor technology behind CALIPRI comes from Graz. Nextsense develops and produces the elements and distributes them all over the world. Our clients are renowned service providers and manufacturers such as ÖBB, Deutsche Bahn AG, Voestalpine, Miele and Siemens.

Product: CALIPRI
Product Line: Measurement solutions for the railway, steel and automotive industries
Year: 2007
Category: Industrial
Design: Nextsense GmbH, Graz
Production: Nextsense GmbH, Graz

CALIPRI - wheel diameter measurement