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Fingerschinder pi r²
© Jakob Glasner

The Fingerschinder pi r² is a training device for climbers, crossfit athletes and people looking to keep fit. The minimalistic design philosophy behind the products enable the user to train anywhere, whether you are at home, at the gym or on a business trip.

It exercises the entire body, including the fingers. The design combines a hangboard used in rock climbing with one of the most effective whole body training devices – gymnastic rings.
All of the hangboards are manufactured by small traditional carpentry workshops in Styria in a fair and environmentally friendly way.

Jakob Glasner is a conceptual artist and designer. Additionally, he experiments with alternatives such as open or sustainable design, trying not only to critique reality but creating experiences with possible alternatives.


Product: Fingerschinder pi r²
Product line: Fingerschinder
Material: Plywood, birch wood
Year: 2017
Weight: 1 kg
Measurements: 24 x 24 x 3,4 cm
Design: Jakob Glasner, Graz
Production: Tischlerei Konrad Fadenberger, Passail