3D Artist bei XRCONSOLE

XRCONSOLE develops immersive learning and training concepts for companies. With the symbiosis of innovative training methodology and state of the art extended reality, we are reshaping the future of enterprise training.

Learning content is experienced instead of just being read or heard. In the virtual training world, people interact just like in the real world, activating the same psychological and physiological areas. Training using VR technology leads to real and measurable performance and contributes significantly to more effective and efficient learning outcomes.


The team of XRCONSOLE is looking for a 3D Artist for 3D-Asset generation for various projects, mostly for game environments in Unity.
Making objects (game ready), poly optimisation, texture baking and all the good stuff for real time rendering concepts and optimisation.

Software in our pipeline consists of

– Blender / Cinema4D
– Character Creator 4
– Substance 3D Painter
– Unity

XRCONSOLE is working on various projects mostly in the field of XR learning, serious gaming and XR training.
The job is full-time and located in Graz.
The salary is based on experience and the kind of employment but will be of course adequate.

If you are interested drop them a line, ideally with some work samples and we happily have a chat about it.

Contact and details via XRCONSOLE or LinkedIn