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TBA & XA Balsamic Vinegar
© Manufaktur Gölles

It takes over 20 years for Gölles vinegar to mature in all its harmonious fullness. The delicate process takes place in small barrels made from different woods such as oak, chestnut, acacia and cherry. This can be seen in the packaging: a small opening at the front that reveals the dark color of this treasured and delicious speciality condiment.
The Gölles producer brand stamp and the name of the wood type used for the barrel are burn branded into the base by hand, exemplifying the long tradition of barrel storage and the love of all that is handcrafted.
Alois Gölles is a third generation fruit grower in Riegersburg, Styria. He has distilled fine spirits since 1979 and laid the foundations for his production of finest vinegars in 1984. The packaging design by Sonja Zechner received the coveted international Red Dot Award in 2019

Product: XA Apple-, TBA Wine Balsamic Vinegar
Product line: Vinegar
Year: 2016
Material: Glas, Wood, Cardboard
Measurements: 13 x 5,3 x 18,3 cm
Weight: 0,6 kg
Design: Manufaktur Gölles, Riegersburg
Production: Manufaktur Gölles, Riegersburg