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Packnatur® Pick Pack
© Marija-Kanižaj

The reusable Packnatur® Pick Pack cellulose bag made by VPZ from 100% wood is the latest fashion for fruit and vegetables. They are tear-resistant and moisture-regulating.

The bags are manufactured from beechwood that has been sourced from local forest thinning. VPZ uses environmentally friendly FSC® – certified cellulose fibre. They are being used in swiss supermarkets since 2017 and in Austria since 2018.

VPZ was founded in 1982, as a trading company for food packaging. Today, the company unites a business-oriented concept with an environmentally focussed approach. VPZ is a leader in the development and sale of biogenic packaging. The innovative company is deriving foam from seaweed, biopolymers from agricultural waste or netting from cellulose fibres.


Product: Packnatur® Cellulose Mehrwegbeutel Pick Pack
Year: 2017
Material: FSC® certified cellulose
Measurements: 28 x 32 cm
Weight: 25 g
Category: Packaging
Design: VPZ Verpackungszentrum, Graz
Production: Packnatur Entwicklungs- und Produktions GmbH, Neudau