Styrian Products | Lighting

The high-profile solution for lighting and acoustics: this triangular ceiling light was developed specifically for office environments. Three combinable acoustic elements dampen distracting background noises, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the triangular shape, these acoustic lights combine easily to form larger surfaces. Modern LED technology and sound absorbers balance the acoustics in open-plan offices, meeting rooms or other spacious environments. The polygonal shape scatters sound waves evenly while the felt surface absorbs higher frequencies and the volume of the elements dampens lower frequencies. The microprismatic PMMA cover ensures glare-free light throughout the workplace.

Product: TRIG-O
Product line: Acoustic lighting
Material: Powder-coated aluminum
Weight: 16 kg
Designer: 13&9 Design GmbH
Production: XAL

Member of Creative Industries Styria: 13&9 Design