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R9 Task Lamp
© Florian Blamberger

The R9 TASK LAMP combines simple design with highly specific use of light. The innovatively designed task light was developed specifically for the needs of creative people: two independently adjustable light strips and an optical lens make it possible to illuminate the workplace in a targeted manner. Focused lighting on a specific area is just as possible as the distribution of light to the surroundings. High-quality LEDs from the museum sector enable top-class color rendering.

The Swiss company Redgrass Creative specializes in work equipment for art, graphics, miniature painting and model making. Florian Blamberger has combined the high technical demands into a harmoniously designed lamp, creating a timeless object for the desk. Blamberger works both as a freelance designer in Graz and as an art director at Johannes Scherr Design. As a lecturer, he teaches at the FH Joanneum and the FH Villach.

Product: Task light
Year: 2023
Material: LED, Aluminium
Measurements: 52 x 10 x 3 cm
Design: Florian Blamberger
Production: Redgrass Creative

Member of Creative Industries Styria: Florian Blamberger