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Showcase 2017
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The exhibition “Showcase 2017” presented projects that have been developed in the scope of the programme “Design Transfer”. With this programme the Creative Industries Styria builds a bridge between companies and creative minds and thereby creates unique synergies in the business region Styria.

The projects:

CIS Design Battle at Josef Prödl carpentry
During the Design Battle four design teams developed a side table each within 24 hours, from the concept to the finished prototype.

Team 1: Gernot Ritter (architect) and Eva Burtscher (designer) | Otmar Spirk (carpenter)
Team 2: Tobias Kestel (designer) and Daniela MĂŒller (Die Steirerin/Business Monat, Editor in chief) | Thomas Groß (carpenter)
Team 3: Thomas Feichtner (designer) and Sigrid BĂŒrstmayr (designer) | Martin Bauer (carpenter)
Team 4: Clemens Luser (architect) and Andrea Krobath (Head of Marketing, Kastner & Öhler) | Stefan Linshalm (carpenter)

Smart Urban Privacy – Smarte urban furniture made of wood
In Designmonat Graz 2017 the Creative Industries Styria in cooperation with Holzcluster Steiermark invited five Austrian Designers together with five Styrian carpenters or wood manufacturing companies to develop ptototypes of smart wooden urban furniture. The prototypes are designed for both digital natives and digital immigrants.

‘Graz Hocker’ | Thomas Feichtner Studio & Tischlerei Wolfgang Rosenkranz
Mikado | zweithaler & mtdesign Tischlerei
Nr. 12 | Hohensinn Architektur + miniform & Fritz Friedrich GmbH
The Rough One | Martin Mostböck & holz.bau forschungs gmbh
Smartes Stadtmöbel | Wolfgang Pichler Design & Spezialtischlerei Der Hobel

Farmer’s market bag ‘BeuteBeutel’
Economic department of the City of Graz | Design by mapbagrag
In a call for designers the Department of Economic and Tourism Development of the City of Graz together with the Creative Industries Styria was looking for innovative concepts for a bag, which should be suitable for grocery shopping at farmer’s markets and also a sustainable alternative to plastic bags. Among all submissions the designers Florian and Angelika Hazmuka were selected.

The ‘Graz collection’ & ‘Murinsel’ souvenir plate
Carpet gallery Geba | City of Graz | Design by Klaus Kempenaars
In collaboration with the carpet gallery Geba and the city of Graz, designer Klaus Kempenaars developed special patterns from architectural surfaces in Graz, which were realised in a carpet collection and as marble island souvenir plates.

Redesign SALUS trophy
Styria Health Fund | Design by Andrea Vattovani Architecture
The architectural studio AVA by Andrea Vattovani Architecture designed the new SALUS trophy for the Styria Health Fund.

Illustrations for the marketing of children’s books
Discovery Books | Design by Anna Frohmann
The exhibition also showed illustrations by Anna Frohmann, which are distributed as a promotional measure for the children’s book publisher Discovery Books in digital media and three children’s books of the “Pauli & Friends” series.