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wanderbox 2.0
© Stefan Prattes

Wanderbox is a foldable complete furnishing unit that fits into an easily transportable one-cubic-metre box, be it by cargo bike or freight container when it comes to international logistics. Wanderbox contains a bed, table, wardrobe and space for a bike. Due to their clever conceptualisation, these seven pieces of furniture join to form a compact and durable box made of natural materials and crafted with care. The box is a real mission statement for sustainability and an ideal companion for modern-day nomads living all over the world who wish to enjoy the comfort of their own furniture.

Product: wanderbox 2.0
Year: 2016
Material: Wood
Measurements: 200 x 140 x 40 cm
Weight: 100 kg
Category: Interior
Design: Stefan Prattes
Production: JUUST