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© Paul Sebastiano Bono

Conceived as an ‚Äúobjet minime‚ÄĚ minimalist object, the PERSONA bookcase is reduced to the bare essentials. The intelligent and space-saving shelf is not designed horizontally, but vertically.¬†The books are place upright and become a living part of the furniture. The design thus spans an arc between the inadequacy of a safe and the airiness of a film backdrop for a Wild West city. PERSONA consists of powder-coated sheet steel and wood fibre boards components, it is remarkably light and space-saving.
Martin Breuer-Bono from Graz has worked as a designer since 2000 and has received top awards for his work including the State Prize for Design, the Red Dot Design Award and the Re: Design [Network] work Award, among others.¬†The customers of this designer include companies such as Salewa, Koziol, Walch Fenstersysteme, M√ľller Ofenbau and Gaulhofer, for whom window systems for everything from bicycle trailers to egg cups were designed.

Product: PERSONA Shelf
Material: MDF, powder coated steel sheet
Year: 2016
Measurements: 24 x 204 x 11 cm
Weight: 5 kg
Category: Interior
Design: Martin Breuer-Bono, Graz
Production: BREUER BONO, Graz