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Geero 2 City Classic
© Geero

Geero is an innovative e-bike from Austria with a sophisticated design concept that combines an attractive retro look with a reasonable price. The battery is installed invisibly in the frame, but is still easy to remove. The motor runs very quietly. The bike looks like any other normal bicycle, the only difference is the latest technology concealed inside. The wheels are produced and coated in Styria.
The engineering duo Michael and Tomy Rath produced their first electric bike, the Geero 1 in 2016, and the new Geero 2 from the inventor workshop of the Rath brothers tinkering room was launched in May 2020.

Product: City Classic
Product linie: Geero 2
Year: 2020
Material: Metall, Elektronik
Measurements: 110 x 65 x 170 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Design: Thomas & Michael Rath, Gabersdorf
Production: Geero GmbH, Paldau