Design Transfer
Smart Urban Privacy
Smart urban furniture of wood for digital natives and digital immigrants
Video by OchoReSotto

Within Designmonat Graz 2017, five Austrian designers were invited to develop – in cooperation with five Styrian wood building companies – prototypes of smart urban furniture made of the raw material wood.

The smart funiture prototypes were designed for digital natives (persons who grew up in the digital world) as well as for digital immigrants (who have come to know this world as adults).

The projects:
– ‘Graz Hocker’ by Thomas Feichtner Studio & Tischlerei Rosenkranz

– ‘Mikado’ by zweithaler & mtdesign Tischlerei

– Smart urban furniture by Hohensinn Architektur + miniform & Fritz Friedrich GmbH

– ‘The Rough One’ by Martin Mostböck & holz.bau forschungs gmbh

– Smart urban furniture by Wolfgang Pichler Design & Spezialtischlerei Der Hobel