Design Transfer
SALUS Trophy
Redesign of the trophy of the Styrian Health Fund

The Styrian award of Gesundheitsfond Steiermark, ‘SALUS’, honors activities within Styrian healthcare. Accordingly, there was the need for a design that convinces with great haptics and that would be easy to be photographed – so no transparent or reflecting object. Creative Industries Styria invited 19 Full Members to the competition and nine of them handed in a concept. The client decided upon the object of AVA. The abstract line recalls a cardiogram but also identifies with the Styrian mountain scenery.

‘It is always interesting how an idea quickly turns into reality if all parties involved cooperate well. Due to the handy inputs of the clients, the network of Creative Industries Styria and skilled hands in production, all was completed without any problems and according to high quality standards.’ (Andrea Vattovani)