Design Transfer
Design to Business
How companies and designers get together

Design to Business is a format of Creative Industries Styria. It connects companies of traditional economy with designers. Thus, laying the foundation stone for new products and services. Professional design is therefor used as a targeted competitive strategy to improve market opportunities.

Designers, in turn, get the opportunity to work directly in the company and to create new solutions for clearly defined tasks. Before 2015, Design to Business was known under the title “Designers in Residence”. During this period numerous successful projects have been implemented.

How Design to Business works

Step 1:
At the beginning in general is a company with the desire for a new solution to maintain and establish its position on the market. This could be a new collection in the field of fashion, furniture or jewellery design, creative interior design or a completely new product that has not existed in this form before. To prevent that these desires disappear in a drawer but will be implemented, the company turns to Creative Industries Styria.

Step 2:
The company together with Creative Industries Styria works out the future task, followed by a call – a written appeal to the creative scene to submit portfolios. The huge network of Creative Industries Styria ensures that as many designers as possible are reached.

Step 3:
The designers from the network submit their portfolios within a fixed period (2 to 3 weeks). The company selects a designer. Then, a cooperation agreement is concluded and the designer begins to work. Within 4 to 8 weeks concepts for new products and services are elaborated together with the company.

Step 4:
Creative Industries Styria provides on-site support for the companies as well as for the designers during the whole project.

Step 5:
At the end, the designers present their work accomplished and, in the ideal case, both sides make the decicion to continue their cooperation for a product development to series production.

Advantages of Design to Business:

Controllable results
Design projects in the frame of Design to Business follow clear objectives. Thanks to a close cooperation and a joint development undesirable results can be ruled out.

Clear frameworks
A cooperation agreement clarifies the legal framework before the project is launched.

Low costs
The costs for the company are 2.000 Euros. The designer gets 1.500 Euros, 500 Euros are for Creative Industries Styria.


Company, client | Designer

Gaulhofer Industrie Holding | Martin Breuer Bono
Herk (Karosserie, Lack) | Permanent Unit
Kitzeck, bmm | Mari Tosmin
Leder & Schuh | Florian Puschmann (White Elephant Studio)
Stadt Murau | Elisabeth Bracun, Catrin Millmann, Verena Pöschl
Brauerei Murau | Elisabeth Bracun, Catrin Millmann, Verena Pöschl
ORF Landesstudio | Tobias Kestel (White Elephant Studio)
Schabauer GmbH | motion code: blue Ges.b.R.

Company, client | Designer

werbelechner werbeagentur & Creative Industries Styria | Walking Chair Design Studio; S. Schöffmann & I. Toccafondi; K. Kempenaars
Paugger Stahlbau | Hilgart Design
NTS Netzwerk Telekom Service | Onomato
AMS Steiermark | doppelpunkt PR und Kommunikationsberatung | Robert Lerch & Monika Rauscher
Holding Graz, AEVG | FH Joanneum – students of the study program Industrial Design
Stadt Graz, Umweltamt | Steiner1888 & Klaus Kempenaars

Company, client | Designer

Odilien Institut | Susanne Lippitsch, Gerlinde Gruber
Jugend am Werk | Anita Fuchs, Resa Pernthaller (RESANITA)
Stadt Graz, Abteilung fĂĽr Wirtschafts- und Tourismusentwicklung | EN GARDE, Studio WG3
Gerhard Halfer (ampm) | Initiative I, S. Frank, S.DREI Architektur

Company, client | Designer

Moments Magazin | Petrus Gartler, Thomas Perz (designerei graz)
Stadt Graz, Amt fĂĽr Jugend und Familie | cardamom, Wurzinger-Design, Konrad Zirm
Café-Restaurant Wintergarten (Hotel Erzherzog Johann) | Thomas Hamann

Company, client | Designer

Stadt Graz, Amt fĂĽr Jugend und Familie | Andrea Hermann-Trost
ompura | Elisabeth Soòs Design
Jugend am Werk & reuse-design | Peter Perstel

Company, client | Designer

Feichtinger Schmuckmanufaktur | Stefanie Hödlmoser
ADA Möbelfabrik | T. Perz and P. Gartler (designerei graz), Georg Mähring
Diamonds in Glass | Tobias Kestel (White Elephant Studio)
Manfred Grössler (Ideengeber) & Creative Industries Styria | Tomislav Bobinec (I say no to cheap design)

Company, client | Designer

Vossen | Petrus Gartler und Thomas Perz (designerei graz)
Megaphon im Auschlössl & Stadt Graz, Abteilung für Wirtschafts- und Tourismusentwicklung | design.krautinger; Johanna Hauck; Alexandra Pötz & Vera Tödling

Company, client | Designer

Vossen | Arne Pastoor
Hotel Erzherzog Johann | BEGRA
Ă–lmĂĽhle Fandler | Raphael Ertl, Lignemi Designmanufaktur
Abteilung fĂĽr Wirtschafts- und Tourismusentwicklung der Stadt Graz | mapbagrag
Stadt Graz, BĂĽrgermeisteramt, City of Design Koordinationsstelle | Klaus Kempenaars

Company, client | Designer

Discovery Books | Anna Frohmann
Gesundheitsfonds Steiermark | AVA – Andrea Vattovani Architecture

Company, client | Designer

Ecoworld LCL GmbH | Thomas Feichtner
Ecoworld LCL GmbH | Georg Wanker
Ecoworld LCL GmbH | Johannes Scherr Design
Ecoworld LCL GmbH | zweithaler
h+s Zauntechnik | Ernst Giselbrecht
h+s Zauntechnik | Thomas Feichtner
h+s Zauntechnik | zweithaler
Holding Graz | Atelier Neubacher
Holding Graz | GW24
Holding Graz | look!design