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NEUNZEHN-NULL-VIER- creates multimedia brand messages that move people.
As the communications agency of the Kleine Zeitung, based in Graz, Klagenfurt and Vienna, we are experts for our audience – using innovative advertising products and data-driven insights, we develop ideas tailored to specific target groups.

Storytelling in the DNA
Storytelling is one of the most effective ways to build empathy. As part of Kleine Zeitung, we have the development of good stories in our DNA. Our team of strategists, conceptual designers, digital content creators, copywriters and spokespeople create creative content to reach their customers’ target audience where they are. Analog & digital. Multimedia. Entertaining & informative. Connecting.

Brand Activation
NEUNZEHN-NULL-VIER- is specialized in creating or changing perceptions in the market for its clients. As an agency, it activates brands where their audience or stakeholders are. This is done in three steps:

Analysis: Community Panels, Brand strategy

Create: Campaign development, brand messages, communication strategies

Activate: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Events, Podcast & Video, Online Marketing, OOH, Native Advertising

NEUNZEHN-NULL-VIER-‘s customers include regional and national companies that want to retell their story and be accompanied on the journey to digitization. NEUNZEHN-NULL-VIER- creates reach and makes companies digitally experienceable, especially where their target group is located.

NEUNZEHN-NULL-VIER- inspired by the issues of our time
Through the connection to one of the largest daily newspapers in the country, it is obvious that one is interested in the issues that concern people in the world to the region. This is how projects are created, inspired by relevant issues in our society. Like the Vita – The Care Award of the Kleine Zeitung, thought, developed and handled by NEUNZEHN-NULL-VIER-, which brings caregivers from Styria and Carinthia in front of the curtain and on stage. This creates visibility, shows appreciation and makes a contribution to counteracting the nursing crisis.

Event | BKS Bank 100-Jahr-Feier
Event | VITA-Award
Event | VITA-Award
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Vita Award