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SelfSightSeeing Company

The SelfSightSeeing Company develops artistic, sustainable and innovative spatial concepts as well as performative interventions for art festivals, cultural institutions and companies. In collaboration with universities and educational institutions, the focus is on researching and teaching artistic methods in the sense of art as a science.

The SelfSightSeeing Company collaborates with partners on cultural projects as an association and on commercial projects as a company. The art-couple Itshe & Io are acting directors.

Itshe Petz studied social arts and went on to train in body psychotherapy, group dynamics and psychological counseling. His site-specific art productions link self-analysis to a cultural-historical context.

Io Tondolo studied abstract painting and restoration. In addition to his years of experience in dance theater and performance, he trained as a cook under his grandmother. His space installations are often combined with elements of culinary concepts. Faces are at the core of his paintings and sculptures, as surfaces that reflect his immanent “analysis of being”.

Through their uniformed self-dramatization, Itshe & Io together create a continuous, humorous performance on the stage of everyday life.

The SelfSightSeeing Company works on art projects such as #WeAre Souvenir, in which the artists turn themselves into souvenirs, or Districta#23, an artistic engagement with the 23 districts of Vienna, as well as on research projects such as Sound Pharmacy Research, in which the Company is producing a spatial installation together with students and sound artists.

In the area of ​​innovative interior concepts, the art-couple has developed, among other things, the design concept of a Buschenschank (a rustic wine or cider tavern) for the Weingut Kåarriegel winery and the Hofburg Suite for the Kunsthaus T.R.U.S.T 111 in Vienna. Since 2017, the art-couple has also been planning and accompanying the design of the entire interiors and gardens of the new Merkur Campus, the international headquarters of Merkur Versicherung AG insurance company in Graz.



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