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Substance over styling. Let's create fewer, but better, products. We're a full-service design studio rooted in sustainable thinking, driven by research.


Let’s innovate to preserve what we have.

Sustainability is not intuitive, and we all need help to make the right choices. As product developers and designers, at SALZ we’re conscious of the fact that we’re stuck in the middle, designing with the best intentions, all while meeting the needs of our clients.

We look beyond traditional metrics of success to deeply understand a product. From scrutinising briefs and manufacturing standards, to examining a product’s legacy, and even questioning its right to exist. To do this, we get involved in projects early, concentrating on conceptual phases where innovation happens, rooting well-executed design in thorough research, and creating scenarios that improve decision making. If you come to us saying “We need this designed,” then it’s probably too late for us to truly make a difference.

Together with SALZ, you can unlock the sustainable potential of your product – without compromising on desirability and usability – to create a positive impact for future generations.


What we can do together

We immerse ourselves in your business. By working closely together, we break down barriers and come up with creative solutions. Our compact team ensures seamless information flow and facilitates close collaboration at every project stage.


Research & Development

    1. Research & Synthesis
    2. User-Centered Design‘
    3. Innovation & Scaling
    4. Prototyping


Product Development

    1. Concept Development
    2. CAD Modeling
    3. Model Making
    4. Digital Interfaces


Brand & Strategy

    1. Product Strategy
    2. Brand Identity
    3. Brand Architecture
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