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Raunigg & Partner Development
RNPD - Raunigg & Partner Development support companies, brands and products to become more significant in the market and among consumers.
Lage der Agentur Raunigg & Partner Development

A successful company and brand launch is based on values, meaning and ideas. It is essential to free yourself from feature-thinking and develop towards value-thinking. Philipp Raunigg believes in ‘uniqueness’ and that you can consciously recognize, design and foster individuality. Due to his agency with all the implied qualities, brands and the people behind them can find this individuality and also put it into practice.

Teach values. Create meaning. Provide ideas.
To teach values is the only effective mission in terms of corporate communication with clients. RNPD aims at identifying, developing, supporting and comprehensively conveying the values of brands to the market.

Meaning is the element that makes content significant. Content has to make sense to modern, aware consumers. RNPD invest much time to go deeper and get to know their clients. This is the only way to jointly identify and develop significant meanings, that are relevant in the market.

Today, you need ideas anytime and in all fields. For RNPD ideas are also options how to creatively convey and implement one and the same value in different advertising channels – so that the particular recipient can subsequently understand and adopt it.

Experience for more than 20 years
In 1996 the foundation stone was laid for the company that today counts among one of the most successful advertising agencies of the country. The commitment and the dedication of the two founders Philipp Raunigg and Gerhard Korpitsch paid off quickly. Within the flowing years the start-up developed into a successful full service agency with clients such as Kodak Austria, Steiermaerkische Sparkassen AG or Baxter Plasmazentren.

When in the course of the years 2000 the industry succumbed to a change, it was essential for Raunigg & Partner to create a new awareness and understanding of communication as well as a holistic approach. Due to the publication of their book ‘Komposition Marke’, the first step towards a reorientation was done. From then on, the agency adopted a holistic approach that has become a vibrant and noticeable element of their portfolio. In 2010, the two co-founders and managing partners separated and Raunigg took over 100 percent of the company. Additionally, besides design and communication, he also established the field of consulting that focuses especially on the values of the brand and the soul of a company, so that clients become partners.

Key to Philipp Raunigg’s success is the constant advancement, the active analysis of innovations and trends as well as a clear distinctness of other agencies. This is what brings success: almost 30 awards of the Styrian Green Panther Award as well as international awards such as European Printer of the Year. From 2011 to 2013 the agency implemented new structures and placed a special focus on product design. They launched the brand Oelbaron and the brand Mandahorn, that sells tableware products.

In 2014 Raunigg & Partner became RNPD (Raunigg & Partner Development). The many clients of RNPD include, among others, Steiermark Tourismus, Malli Ziegelfertighaus, die Steirische Wirtschaftsfoerderung, Sonne Licht Schatten Fachhandelskooperation, Energie Steiermark, Almwellness Hotel Pierer and many more. The design of the Experience-Econony-Tours at Malli Ziegelfertighaus and Destillerie Hochstrasser in Mooskirchen was also provided by RNPD.

Raunigg & Partner Development
Philipp Raunigg
Visual Branding & Design für die Radinitiative Graz 2030
Positionierung, Branding & Design für Dr. Binder authenic skincare
Produkt Design & Branding für Mandahorn
Citylight "DIGITOTAL" für den 4. Zukunftstag der Steirischen Wirtschaft
Branding/Design & Ambient für Die Macherei
Ambientgestaltung: Erlebniswelt Wirtschaft_ Cargo Center
Positionierung & Branding für Hadolt Logistics
Brilliant - Kampagne für die Medienfabrik Graz
Citylight Kampagne, Branding & Positionierung für das Almwellness Hotel Pierer
Visual & Positionierung für Unser Forum Haushalt
Visual Kampagne für H05 Feindestillerie Hochstrasser
Ambient Design Pink Elephant für MM Dine/Drink
Visual Kampagne für Steirisches Kürbiskernöl g.g.A.
Visual, Positionierung & Kommunikation für Sonne Licht Schatten
Branding & Design für das Weingut Silly
Produktentwicklung & Branding – für Ölbaron Kernölhut