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The Graz-based software company ‘Golem Digital’ was founded by Johannes Fasching in 2010. They focus on image recognition and virtual reality technology.

The company’s specialized image recognition services are installed worldwide – from steel companies to airport parking lot logistics. Two years ago, based on the accumulated technical know-how, they established a second pillar in the field of virtual reality.

‘We aim at making projects and products more lively and more tangible,’ explains Elias Remele, Head of Virtual Reality. The real estate industry is particularly suitable for giving interested parties an idea of the ‘living experience’ while the project itself is still in the planning or construction phase. From photorealistic 3D visualizations to drone flights, to the virtual reality experience – as a full-service provider Golem Digital combines all the technical possibilities in one company.

Accordingly, they create interactive presentations of major projects for e.g. Hammerl Immobilien, GWS in Graz and Hillebrand in Salzburg. Since 2018 there have also been first collaborations in the fields of industry and tourism. In addition to their focus on software developments, they are also working on the associated hardware, more precisely on a virtual reality fair booth and a showroom. To intensify the immersive VR experience even more, they also experiment with 4D elements such as wind, moisture, scents and heat.

Providing a good balance between ‘out-of-the-box thinking’ and competent possibilities in terms of technical implementation, Golem Digital would like to actively shape the digital future and inspire people with their innovative tools.

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