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Gerulf Dösinger
Contemporary Visual Solutions

Gerulf Dösinger is a 3D artist and motion designer with a passion. Movement, rhythm and virtuality are the tools he uses to form contemporary creations and thus shape a visual style for his clients that focuses on internationality and innovation.

Because careers are lengthy, it is only worth mentioning that after his studies in information design, he lived out his passion for design at Mutabor, mindconsole (Graz), Red Bull Media House and elements.at (both Salzburg) and now uses his experience as a freelance 3D and motion artist in his Styrian homeland. In his career he has created work for Red Bull, AVL, Accenture, Bosch, DFL, ServusTV, Simplon, Salzburg- and Steriermark-Tourismus, etc.

As a designer, Gerulf Dösinger focuses on maximum aesthetics, filled with constructivist inspiration and with a maximum pragmatic approach. The goal is always not only to provide extraordinary visual services, but to be there for his clients as a consultant and partner in all problem solving in the field of design.

Gerulf Dösinger burns for design. He burns for shapes, movement and colors. He burns for finding solutions and for the feeling when a situational problem turns into a lasting solution for his clients. He burns for 3D, motion, rhythm, elegance and simplicity.

Gerulf Dösinger loves creative adventure, and he loves his clients for being willing to embark on this adventure with him.

Take-Off? Ready when you are!

Gerulf Dösinger
Vordernbergerstraße 11
8700 Leoben