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Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner Architektur
For Ernst Giselbrecht architecture represents cultural commitment and intelligent hardware.
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Since 1985 Ernst Gieselbrecht has operated as an independent architect in Graz. The architectural studio Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner, founded in 2004, is specialized in the design of health care and education facilities as well as residential, office and lab buildings. Together with his team of 12 employees, he has implemented successful projects in Styria, Austria and farer away, such as the functional units and the radiotherapy department of LKH (state hospital) Leoben, the headquarters of Roche Diagnostics and Russmedia, the ENT and dental clinic of LKH Graz, all of which received numerous international and national awards such as the European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage, Staatspreis für Industriebau (State Prize for Industrial Construction), Österreichischer Aluminium-Architekturpreis (Austrian Architecture Award for Aluminum Buildings), Award best architects 07, International Architecture Award of Chicago Athenaeum, ZT(civil engineer) Award for ‘Best innovative planning’, Green Good Design Award of Chicago Athenaeum and many more.

Ernst Giselbrecht strongly believes, ‘as architects we know that architecture is not just building culture but an elemental base of our everyday culture.’ Hereby he puts a high emphasis on a light and transparent architecture and focuses on components that seem weightless as well as detailed investigation of all materials. Due to contracts in terms of new buildings in combination with historic buildings, he has been able to further develop his concept of his ‘architecture of lightness’. Examples for this are the ENT clinic at LKH Graz, the educational facility of Schloss Seggau and the administration building of Energie Steiermark.

There are several publications and project presentations about the works of the office: ‘Ernst Giselbrecht – Architecture as Intelligent Hardware’, ‘Ernst Giselbrecht – Architecture as Cultural Commitment’ and the latest monography ‘Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner – Connected Architecture’.

Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner Architektur
Brockmanngasse 48/II
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Sternbrauerei Salzburg Rendering
Ernst Giselbrecht
Facade Kiefer technic
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