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Grünes Känguru – organic baby clothing
© Lara Rainer

Inspired by children’s drawings, Daniela Roszak designs special baby clothes and decorates them with subtle patterns with the intention not to disturb babies and expressing vulnerability and gentleness. The clothes are produced by “Jugend am Werk” and are sold via her own online shop and specialized retailers.

“Jugend am Werk” is a non-profit company offering career opportunities for people who are struggling in the labour market. The offered positions include gardening, housekeeping, courier or gastronomic services. In their craft workshops people work on textiles, wood and metal, which they turn into bags, household utensils, clothes or gifts.


Product: Premium Baby Clothing
Material: Organic cotton
Year: 2019
Design: Daniela Roszak
Production: Jugend am Werk

Grünes Känguru - Production