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breathe ilo
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breathe ilo is a fertility test that detects the days when women are fertile in real time. This works using the cycle-dependent CO2 content in the exhaled air that is analyzed by the self-learning algorithm. The data is then transferred to a smartphone app. The analyzer for the air breathed is smaller than a smartphone and fits in every pocket.

Georg Wanker has been an independent industrial designer for over 15 years. After completing his training at FH JOANNEUM, he founded a studio with two partners. He has been working under the name GWID – GEORG WANKER Industrial Design since 2012. He has also been a lecturer at FH JOANNEUM and TU Graz since 2008.

Product: breathe ilo, Fertilitytracker
Year: 2019
Weight: 80 g
Category: Health & Sports
Designer: Georg Wanker Industrial Design, Graz
Production: Wild Elektronik und Kunststoff

Member of Creative Industries Styria: Georg Wanker