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adamsfour. Rotational Spine Protection (RSP)
© EDERA SAFETY Design-Team

The “RSP System” (Rotational Spinal Protection) is the first passive spinal protector developed especially for athletes. It protects the spine against irreversible damage such as paraplegia when high rotational force effects occur in an accident. This spinal protector was engineered with the aid of “generative design”, an algorithmic design process that is modelled on natural structures and geometries. In this particular case, the design team selected the most ideally suited solution from the software’s various proposals, while also prioritising usability and high wearing comfort. Besides that, the “RSP System” also provides protection against torsional injuries often sustained by skiers, snowboarders or mountain bikers.

Product: adamsfour. Rotational Spine Protector (RSP)
Product line: Personal protection equipment as B2B technology
Year: 2020
Material: Softgoods
Category: Health & Sports
Design: EDERA SAFETY, Lebring
Production: SCOTT, iXs