designforum Steiermark
Light Point Stroke
Architecture from light and shadow

As part of the exhibition “Licht Punkt Strich” (Light Point Stroke), students from the Institute of Architecture and Media at the Graz University of Technology present their work on the theme of “Architecture from Light and Shadow”. In the process, the Designforum Steiermark is restaged to generate exciting spatial impressions. The aim of the works is to transform the space with the help of analog light sources, digital projections and selectively used materials. Lighting situations can tangentially affect emotions and influence behavior. The transformed spaces themselves become exhibition objects. For this purpose, the students work with state-of-the-art video projections and computational design tools.

The course under the direction of Adam Sebestyen, Institute for Architecture and Media, is supported and supervised by the film and projection artists of the Graz collective OchoReSotto as well as Birgit Schulz & Alex Krug from the LightLab at the Institute for Space and Design.

Sponsoring Partner: XAL GmbH, Sattler PRO-TEX GmbH

Light Point Stroke
January 26 – February 25 2023
Designforum Steiermark
Andreas-Hofer-Platz 17 | 8010 Graz

The students: 
Begovic Annes
Bukvarević Ajla
Goossens Marie Lutgarde
Gradwohl Daniel
Hain Christina
Huskic Amina
Kaiser Gregor
Kelava Matea
Keuschnig Nikolas
Langmann Barbara Maria
Monschein Jasmin
Nader Britta
Ofner Valentina
Ruisz Lena
Schirz Sarah
Sedik Esra