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When the façade of the Graz Town Hall shines in the season of advent or the event Klanglicht attracts tens of thousands of people to the inner city of Graz, then it is because of the film and projection artists of OchoReSotto.

The Graz-based creative professionals Volker Sernetz, Stefan Sobotka-Gr√ľnewald and Lia R√§dler have been working as film and projection artists for more than 15 years. In addition to video and film productions, they are nationally and internationally successful with their large format projections.

OchoReSotto perform light and sound installations on facades or beautify rooms with different light concepts. The trio also uses their projection art for permanent installations, such as in museums and showrooms, or in combination with architecture and in public spaces. The outcome is visual experiences such as the light festival‚ÄėKlanglicht‚Äô, which impressed audiences at various locations in the city centre of Graz. They also perform their projections outside of Styria like at the Salzburg Festival, the Vienna Opera Ball or the Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg.

In addition to projections, the trio creates video and film works for companies such as Hannah’s Plan, Palais Coburg Wien or the Japanese production company Sakkaku. They make digital and analogue films and in some projects combine both techniques. ‚ÄėFor us analogue filming is a stylistic device, which is indispensable especially for projections on large surfaces,‚Äô explains Stefan Sobotka-Gr√ľnewald.

OchoReSotto are also founders of the studio ‚Äėstrictly analogue – studio for experimental progress‚Äô (Graz/Trieste/Tokyo) – a network to promote alternative and experimental work as well as communication processes.

Klanglicht (a festival of light and sound in Graz)
Production Klanglicht (a festival of light and sound in Graz)
Klanglicht (a festival of light and sound in Graz)
Volker Sernetz, Stefan Sobotka-Gr√ľnewald & Lia R√§dler
Lumen vocal forum
Rostfest Eisenerz
tragic play FAUST - Mein Helm: Mein Brustkorb
Festival ball of Salzburg