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visual concept bureau

In the course of their work they combine storytelling with technology and consider themselves pioneers of storytelling. Mindconsole is a globally operating company that has dedicated itself to visual concepts of all kinds. This includes commercials, image clips or music videos, just as event filming or the use of virtual reality. The firm was founded by Markus Karlseder in 2009. Now three offices located in Graz, Sydney and Berlin combine sharp minds from different fields in order to generate unique contents and experiences with the help of international expertise, talents and a permanent passion. Besides Karlseder, the core team consist of Thomas Thurner, Michael Hollinger and Benjamin Sheperd – together they implement projects all over the world. Due to their focus on film productions, motion design and interactive media (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality und 360°) they already had the chance to work for and with international brands such as Pernod Ricard, Samsung or TEDx Sydney. Their other clients include, among others, Red Bull, Servus TV, Huawei, Mercedes Benz, Magna, Schullin, Tyromotion, Swisscom, Porr and Mini.

Mindconsole has received already various awards like Red Dot Award, Creativity Award, German Design Award, Green Panthers Awards or Staatspreis Wirtschaftsfilm.