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LOVE architecture
The work of LOVE architecture and urbanism reflects their passion for design. Still, Mark Jenewein, Herwig Kleinhapl and Bernhard Schoenherr deal with the framework conditions as much as the people involved.
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You succeed in what you love doing and in the end it is also fun. Architecture, too, apart from expertise and professionality, needs a lot of love and passion. In this regard Mark Jenewein, Herwig Kleinhapl and Bernhard Schoenherr of LOVE architecture and urbanism do agree. The studio was founded in 1998 by a group of architects. The name represents their passion for architecture. Besides the Graz-based studio, there is also a LOVE branch in Berlin. Depending on the particular project, it is either implemented by just one partner or more than one. When it comes to architectural competitions, Jenewein, Kleinhapl and Schoenherr do mostly cooperate. Within the last twenty years, numerous projects and buildings in the fields of architecture, urban development, interior design and project development and marketing have come into being. The three architects state, ‘If we work, we have the highest demands on design and look for tailor-made solutions for the particular task. We are as much interested in the framework conditions as in the people involved. Doing that we are at the same time precise, pragmatic and objective as well as full of passion and enthusiasm of the assigned task.’

The projects of LOVE and its team include, amongst others, the residential building ‘Ragnitzstrasse 36’ in Graz, finished in 2013. The project that mostly strikes through its southern balconies in zigzag design, was awarded the Best Architects Award in 2015. Currently the architects are implementing the project ‘Wilder Mann’ in the center of Graz, a former restaurant from 1907/08 that is turned into a modern residential and office building. The project ‘50Hertz’ represents a milestone: in cooperation with the Berlin-based interior architect Kinzo, LOVE was working on the design of the new headquarters for power transmission provider 50Hertz in Berlin. The building shell is covered by a latticework of diagonal supports which are illuminated at night. In Hamburg they had developed the project ‘Baufeld10’ that got them the Best Architects Award, so did the project ‘Shoppingcenter Gerngross’ in Vienna. The team of architects have not only implemented buildings but also installations, such as a neon installation at the highway exit Graz Ost for the City of Graz that was the Capital of Culture in 2003. Selected works of LOVE architecture and urbanism were presented at numerous international exhibitions, like in 2015 at Architektur Galerie Berlin, at Architecture Triennale Bucharest in 2013, at architectducuments 3 in Kassel and at Biennale Venezia in 2004.

LOVE architecture
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Wilder Mann, Graz