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In 2006, EN GARDE was founded with the vision of removing barriers between digital and classical communication, in order to bring brands and products closer to their customers at every touchpoint. From the foundation until today the company has developed into an innovative and long term sparring partner for their clients.

It is important for EN GARDE to meet their clients at eye level. Their credo is: we use ideas to make people happy. It is the experience of the clients that actually counts. EN GARDE are listeners who want to understand profoundly what they can mutually attain with the customer. Only if this understanding is achieved, EN GARDE do develop targeted, effective and unique ideas. Thus, the ongoing dialogue is an essential feature.

EN GARDE are part of a revolution, which is completely changing the work process of creative industries. The teams cooperating with the single enterprises are made of cross-functionally linked people provided with manifold competences. User experience designers, art directors, graphic designers, social media managers, programmers, content managers, social media managers und project managers form skill units that allow for a holistic consultancy and continuous implementation of innovative ideas.

This way EN GARDE has already worked for Lena Hoschek, Kastner & Oehler, JUFA Hotels, Haindl Mühle and Tele, amongst others. The broad spectrum of industries is as multifaceted as the people operating for EN GARDE. Clients out of the sector Finance, Retail, Tourism, Technology trust in EN GARDE, e.g. Erste Campus, Dantendorfer, Stadt Wien, Manufaktur Goelles, Grazer Innenstadt, viennacontemporary, Woman, Weingut Muster.

The multidisciplinary team makes use of a lot of languages but there is one tonality they all have in common: joy. EN GARDE shows a positive, playful attitude and a large dose of humor. In this climate of seriousness coupled with ease, there is a lot of space for creativity. EN GARDE follows developments and not trends. Founder Philipp Kanape is convinced of this concept: The best idea for the client always wins. Everyone working in the EN GARDE team loves what she/ he does. Still, it is more important, that the customers love what EN GARDE do, in order to make them happy and successful.