“Styrian Products” – the Exhibition 2018
23.11.2018 – 30.11.2018
St. Margarethen, Raab, Österreich
© Miriam Raneburger

Styrian Products

What do a skirt by Lena Hoschek, eyewear by Andy Wolf and an outdoor sofa by Viteo have in common? Due to their form and function, they are all high-quality goods that stick out. Their smart, unique design is the key in terms of differentiation and competition. Further, they are all invented and made in Styria, according to the credo ‘Created in Styria – produced in Styria – sold worldwide’. Now those exceptional pieces are shown in the course of an exhibition on the site of the company XTEC in St.Margarethen an der Raab. From November 22 to 30, 2018, the showcase ‘Styrian Products’ displays about 40 works of successful Styrian designers who operate worldwide. You can see fashion pieces and accessories, furniture, interior design objects and even examples of product and packaging design. The exhibits, such as Eyewear by Andy Wolf, a seating arrangement by Georg Mähring (for ADA), a high-end speaker by Thomas Feichtner (for Poet Audio) or a table lamp by XAL, come with sketches and models. Hence, you can retrace the entire process, from the assignment to the final product, which helps you relate to design in its very own function: being a part of product development, an innovative driver and a guarantee for economic success.

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“Styrian Products”
XTEC, Innovationspark 2, 8321 St. Margarethen/Raab

Opening & Presentation School Workshop
22. November | 13.00 – 15.00

23. – 30. November 2018

Opening hours of the exhibition
during the week  10.00 – 18.00
Sat/Sun 10.30 – 14.00