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3 freie Coworkingplätze im SPACELEND

Design in Public Space

Pilotproject Jakomini-Viertel

In cooperation with the Department of Economic and Tourism development and the City Management of Graz Creative Industries Styria initiated the urban development programme "Jakominiviertel" in the Jakomini district. This programme encouraged the creative branch to settle in the district and promoted activities to increase the attractiveness of the streets.

In the course of Design Month Graz 2010 the project "Ready. Steady. Go!" by architects Sandra Janser and Elisabeth Koller won the first prize in the design competition for the installation of a visual frame in the Jakomini district. The intention of this visual frame was to define the streets Jakoministraße and Klosterwiesgasse in order to mark them as a significant design area with a visible and positive identity.

The entrance to the Jakomini district was clearly recognized by the north and south street endings. The streets themselves were revamped leaving them with a fresh inviting look for visitors to explore. The running track as presented in the project "Ready. Steady. Go!" was applied in September 2010. It attracted attention to the changes in the quarter and made people stop and absorb the newly created atmosphere. A total of 750 meters or 4600 square meters along the streets and pavements around the block were coloured in red, grey lines separating the tracks.

The realization of the project was also a vibrant statement of Graz as UNESCO City of Design.

The urban development programme ended in December 2012, the red running track was partly removed in course of railworks in 2013.

The activities and changes in the district of Jakomini-Viertel can be followed at

For further information please contact:
Mirella Bärnthaler
Creative Industries Styria
T: +43 (0) 316 890 598 12

CIS Key Project

Graz UNESCO City of Design

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